About Artist of Intention

Greetings! Thanks for joining me. My name is Andrea, and I’m a twenty-something living in the Midwest with an affinity for fashion. That being said, I’m hoping to take a different approach to my wardrobe.

My life was centered around materialism—fast fashion, “bargain” shopping, and retail therapy consumed my free time. My closet was full, but I had nothing to wear. I no longer owned my things; my things owned me. Something needed to change.

I made a commitment to myself to live more intentionally all-around, and “Artist of Intention” was born. Now, I’m striving to treasure what matters. My focus is now on discovering my personal style rather than accumulating useless clutter.

Creating healthy boundaries for myself has been imperative to my development of healthy habits. My blog serves as a place to share those strategies, but it also keeps me accountable to my goals. If you’re interested in living a more intentional life and gaining a new perspective on fashion, you’re in good company. I’d love for you to join me.