Spring Cleaning Up My Life


Do you ever come home and feel overwhelmed all over again because your place of rest looks like a dozen toddlers ate a bunch of processed sugar and threw a party while you were gone? Except there were no toddlers, just a frazzled you with poor habits and limited time. Wa

I’ve been feeling this way for a while—I can never seem to keep up with my things. It’s often more like they own me than the other way around. I’ve also been extremely convicted of my spending habits and materialism lately. The second boredom strikes I’m on my Amazon Prime app, or every time I have a bad day my subconscious takes over and I mysteriously arrive at TJ Maxx without any recollection of how I got there. I can’t maintain this lifestyle, and my wallet sure heckin’ can’t. 

Not only are these clothes-buying habits destructive to my budget, but they also wreak havoc on my personal style. I look in my closet full of hundreds of items (approximately) and still don’t feel like I have anything to wear. I don’t actually like or have a use for all of those impulse buys. Either that, or I got such a “bargain” the item has completely lost it’s shape or is falling to pieces after the third wash.

What do I even like to wear? What do I feel comfortable in, and what items do I feel most myself in? I would guess about 20% of the items in my closet. No wonder there are constantly clothes strewn about from my every morning fashion shows full of frustration and settling. I don’t want to settle any more, gosh darnit.

I’m committing to myself first and foremost, but I’m also committing to you that I am embarking on a journey to clean up my life. I want to explore minimalism, creating a capsule wardrobe, and overall intentional living. And guess what? I’m bringing you all along for the ride. I am no expert what-so-ever. I don’t know what I’m doing, but I hope that brings a relatability to my story. I truly hope that my story may inspire and encourage you to start on your own journey toward a more intentional life.

So, here goes nothing!