5 Winter Essentials for Cold-Weather Woes


I am very much a warm weather gal. While the winter months are not my preference, the cold, dark days force me to slow down a bit. Winter provides time to reflect and recharge that summer doesn’t always offer. All-things-cozy are socially acceptable, and hot chocolate is easily accessible. Also, it’s that convenient time of year where your seasonal attire meshes perfectly with the year-round, tundra climate of the workplace! There’s always a bright side.

In case you’re like me and need a little pep in your step, I’ve compiled this winter survival guide. These five things are game-changers for me during my least favorite time of the year.

Treat Your Feet

Unless you want to bust your bum, intentional footwear is a non-negotiable for temperamental winter weather. I do love my boots, and I have some questions I ask myself before forking over any cash:

  • Do I need them? This is a big one.

  • Are they versatile? I aim for both work and play-worthy footwear.

  • Are they high-quality? Leather is my go-to, and a reputable brand is important.

  • Are they winter-weather durable? Water resistant boots with rubber soles are ideal.

  • After evaluating all the factors above, is the price fair? I’m budget conscious, but I know that shoes, coats, and bags are worth investing in.

Here are some that I have been rocking this winter almost exclusively:

Reef Women's Voyage Chelsea Boot in taupe

Naturalizer Women's Dallas Ankle Bootie in black


Stay cozy

This is self-explanatory. Winter is cold, and you need to be warm.

I found this extremely inexpensive fleece throw at Target, and I’m so happy I bought it. I’ve put it through the wash, too. It held up perfectly. It’s not the most on-trend throw, but it is comfy-cozy happiness that is super functional. Either way, a fuzzy blanket is a good move. A cozy sweatshirt and warm socks don’t hurt, either.

Breathe easy

Protect your sinuses! This time of year, there are all kinds of illnesses running rampant, and in my experience, I am much more susceptible when I don’t have a method of combating the dry air. Not only does adding moisture to the air help sooth my nose and throat, but it also helps with dry skin.

Humidifiers are more heavy-duty, and diffusers are more low-maintenance. It’s a mater of personal preference. Also, there are humidifiers that double as diffusers. I tried this one and loved it. If you’re into essential oils, you probably already love diffusers. I will say, I am a little skeptical of essential oils, but I love how they smell. I’m diffusing Thieves right now. I figure, why not? If they do work, it’s a win-win.

Take your vitamins

Let me clearly state that I am not a doctor or nutritionist. I am sharing a personal experience, and we are all different. What may work for me may not work for you.

A while back I posted on social media that I always feel lethargic and unlike myself in the winter, looking for advice. At the time it felt pretty vulnerable, but it turns out that I was not alone—many of us have this issue. The most helpful tip I received, surprisingly enough, was to take vitamin D supplements. In the winter, we’re not outside enough to naturally produce enough vitamin D, and there are few food sources to adequately get it from. Placebo effect or not, I clearly notice a positive difference in my mood when I consistently take these supplements. I have more energy, more positivity, and I believe my immune system has been strengthened.

Get a hobby (besides Netflix)

I love a good Netflix binge like anyone else, but it’s so important to find passions and hobbies that make you come alive. A few things I’m loving right now:

  • Learning photography

  • Playing in a volleyball league

  • Revisiting my love of pottery

  • Learning about the Lord

I’d love to hear about some of your go-to winter essentials. Let me know what gets you through the winter. Stay cozy, folks.